The Sylmar Quake Of 1971

I've always called it the Sylmar quake because that is what the news called it at the time and for years afterwords. But the USGS refers to it as the San Fernando Quake.

Here are some of my memories as a 5 1/2 year old kid living in the San Fernando Valley, in Southern California. It was an Early morning quake, about six a.m. I was sleeping. I was awoken almost simultaneously by the shaking and both my Mom and Dad running into my room to jump on top of me in bed.
My next memories are of seeing the damage in the house, specifically the kitchen, where lots of dishes and glasses were shattered on the floor. And I remember seeing our dog at the back door. She was soaking wet and looking dejected. The swimming pool had sloshed out over half its water and soaked her.
That's about it. Those are my clear memories. I know we were then evacuated because of a possible collapse of an nearby reservoir. We stayed at my grandparents in Encino for several days after that.

It was a 6.6 magnitude quake. It collapsed many buildings and freeway interchanges and killed 65 people.

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I was there too. I was six. My first reaction was that my parents thought of a creative way to wake me up.