I'm Starting To Lose Count...

The first was, ironically enough, when I was about 8 years old (1966) in Tennessee where I grew up.  Nothing big - felt a shake, saw lampshade move.  Some of the department stores downtown (yes, it was a long time ago) had their plate glass windows shatter.  Still, not big deal.

Fast forward to 1994, January 16th, 4:31 am.  I'd moved to Los Angeles the previous September and was looking forward to having a paid holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr. day for the first time.  I had the day off, all right, but it wasn't as planned due to the 6.7 Northridge earthquake.  Scared the **** out of me, I don't mind telling you.  The building wasn't just shaking, it was jumping.  I have since read a great deal on earthquakes and know the difference between a strike-slip fault and a thrust.  Northridge was the latter (google it, if interested - there are some neat graphics showing types of movement on different fault types).  For weeks I was terrified everytime I got into an elevator, went under and overpass, or parked in a parking structure (esp. one underground).  Since then we've had several that I've felt - I quit counting.  We had a 4.4 that woke me up a few weeks ago and we felt the 7.1 in Baja on Easter Sunday.  Weird to say, but you get used to it.

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I was watching the World Series in CA when the screen went blank and I was wondering what happened. Then the picture came back and they announced they had just suffered an earthquake and had to stop the game. That Northridge quake was devastating. I saw that double decker bridge just flatten all those people on the bottom bridge, what a way to go. Those people in that apartment building on the ground floor that were instantly killed when the 2nd floor became the first. I'll never forget those images.<br />
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Good to know that eventually you get used to it. I've visited CA many times and I have yet to feel one.