Love Is Blind

true story about my bestfriend and her boyfriend:

i don't even know u and i hate u all i know is my girlfriend use 2 date u
how would you feel if she held u down and raped u
she tryed and tryed but she never could escape u
but she was in love i dnt even know how i mean why
what kind of love from a man would black your eye
 what kind of love from a man every night he would make you cry
what kind of love from a man would make you wish he would die
i mean he bought you thing and gave you dimond rings
but those things wasn't worth the pain that he brings
and you stayed what made you fall for him
he had the power to make you crawl for him
i though you was a doctor be on call for him
smack you down cause he said you was to tall
for him that wasn't love baby girl you was dreaming i
could have killed you wen you said your seed was growing
from his semin

i don't even know you and i'll kill you myself you
played with her like a doll and put her back on the
shelf wouldn't let her go to school and better herself
had a baby by you and you didn't even bother to help
how could you bet the mother of your kid
how could you tell her you loved her didn't even care if
she lived she told me she would leave you i admitt she
did but came back made up a lie about you missing your
 kids she was lost like you pazested her telling me to mind
my business that it was her life and stay out of it
i tried but i told myself just for him im gne keep a ready clip

i don't even know you and i want you dead don't know
the facts but i saw blood flow from her head
layed down beside her in a hospital bed and about
 two hours later doctor said she was dead
had the nerve to show up at her mothers house to show
your respect and help the family pray
even now and then i wouldn't let a tear drop
and before you had a chance to get up you heard my gun
clock pray onto me now i ain't god but i'll pretend i
didn't start your life but im bring it to a end and i did
clear shots and no regrets never cops came and locked me
under the jail no man would never im friend no forget that
 my sister i can't even figure out even if i was to let you live what you
 and her love was all about i consider her my blood and it
didn't come any thicker

love is blind and it will take over your mind what you think is love its 
 truely not you need to elevate and find....

crazyinlove1 crazyinlove1
18-21, F
Jul 31, 2010