Once Upon A Time...

I used to get into these online relationships with guys that I really thought I was in love with, only to be used and abused by them and their own selfish desires. Once, when I was twelve, I got myself into a big tangled mess with a 21 year old male who took control over me through the Internet. We almost met in real life, and now I sort of wished it happened so that he could have gone to prison. The man was a creep. I don't even want to mention some of the things he said to me, but he constantly put me down and eventually messed me  up emotionally, and mentally just from talking over microphone, phone, and text on messengers and MMOs. He ended up ditching me one day for WoW, told me to play to be able to talk to him, then I gave up and dumped him. This was over a year ago, but he is still bothering me every so often about how he already saved up money for us to get a house together. I repeat, I WAS TWELVE. Ick.

I've also been in several other real relationships which were hidden from everyone, and also lowered my self esteem and put in rough situations which changed the way I think and see things. I've been emotionally, mentally, verbally, and physically abused by multiple people.

But last December ( second, I believe ) I met the most caring, kind guy I have ever met. He is only two years older than me, and I love him dearly.  He has yet to abuse me in any way, and I don't think he ever will. He's shown me how I should be treated, and I hope that we stick together for a very long time.
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13-15, F
Aug 2, 2010