Unhappy With Relationship And Pregnant

I met a "great" guy and we clicked perfectly. And we rushed into a serious relationship. He is 35. I found out he wasn't what he seemed. His ADD causes a lot of problems. I feel like he hasn't grown up in a lot of areas. I have a son and he has a daughter. He pretty much let's his mother take care of her. He also has seizures. Which he used to have under control but now are happening under stress. Found out he wasnt take the proper dosage of medicine. And the he ran out of another. Now I'm pregnant and I feel like it is a huge mistake. At first, I thought it was the hormones but ,as the days go by, I'm more and more frustrated with him and feel like he is another kid I have to take care of and I'm over it. But now I feel trapped by the pregnancy. Not to mention we argue all the time because of his obsessive behavior with electronics. He ALWAYS has to be plugged in to something. He seriously wont even go pee without being on his phone. No joke. He walks around with it in his face all the time. I really feel like if we didn't rush into our relationship, I probably wouldn't have continued it. I read that ADD type personalities tend to hyper focus in the first states of romance. I think he hyper focused on me. He showed me only partially who he was/is. Now I'm frustrated and I'm started to resent him.
Notjustawidow Notjustawidow
Sep 9, 2012