First Love

We were together for about two years, on & off. We were friends with benefits for a year. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, very built, tall with arm muscles. He was my bestfriend and first love. At first, our relationship was amazing and then he started becoming jealous because i had guy friends. He would leave me and break off the relationship. I tried to move on. I started talking to other guys and he claims I cheated on him. Note: we were not together when i talked to other guys. We ended up getting back to together and thats when the emotional abuse started happening. He would call me a sl*t, tw@t, c*nt. His b*tch and he would yell "**** you" over the phone and hang up. He hung up on me almost every night we talked. I gave him money
when he needed it and I tried my best to treat him like a king. That ended up with him losing respect for me and only using me for sex. I loved him and would try to see the good than the bad. At first, the words never hurt me but after a while, I started to believe the words were true. Everytime I talk to a guy friend or do something bad, the words "sl*t or c*nt" whisper in my head. He treated me so bad that I thought I wasn't worth anything and that I'm only good for sex. He never hit Me but his words still break my heart. What hurts is that i was there for him when he needed me but in vise versa, he isn't there for me. I have moved on but i still think of the bad memories. When you love someone, you dont put them down. I think at one point, he did love me but things change, people change. i wanted to repair our relationship so bad but he didn't. I think god didn't give me what I wanted but he's going to give me something better.
myamaxine myamaxine
Sep 23, 2012