Help Me, Someone.

I was in a 8 month, terrible emotionally abusive relationship, he was the first man I ever loved, it was heart breaking and a battle of my witts being with him, because of how strongly I felt towards him. I've cut ties with him, and I have hardly any attachment left. I've been dating this new, wonderful, beautiful man, and now I'm starting to get really emotionally distraught. I keep thinking I'm bothering him, or that I'm annoying him. I'm starting to not be myself as much as I was at first, and I can tell it's hurting him. He's the perfect man for me, needless to say I think he may be "that guy," or "the one," but my mind is freaking out telling me he doesn't like me as much, or that he's just like everyone else. I don't want to lose him, I've never been with anyone with this much connection. It's like I left the other man, but he's almost haunting me, putting me down, telling me not to be myself because I'm stupid, or that he hates every word that comes out of my mouth... Please. give me advice on how to deal with what's affecting and has effected me. Please.
NekroPhiliac NekroPhiliac
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Listen let me tell you what the problem is... U seem like a great girl but your just way way to clingy and attached u need to relax. Let me as u something imagine when a guy comes on so strong doesn't that naturally make u not like them as much well that's how he feels he likes u the same but men always love the chase so don't be so available trust me... U need to calm down stop thinking so much.