Quick Update On My Story Divorcing My Asperger Husband.

I gave divorce paperwork to my husband to sign. He didn't sign it yet.
But OMG! Such an amazing change!
On Sunday he took both boys to gym for 3 hours. Today he was cooking dinner
with me when I came home from work. I don't buy it.
I'm wondering what kind of tricks (dirty or not) he's going to use convincing me to stay?
After I wrote my story yesterday I become a clear thinking person again (looks like it). 18 years of emotional abuse is enough!
Thank you everyone who read my script. Surprisingly, that's giving me a good feeling of being not completely lonely. Thank you million!
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3 Responses Jan 29, 2013

This I remember I brought up my sister dating a guy with cerebral palsy when you did

I'm sorry you suffered through years of your marriage. It should never be that way. Did you ever confront him about his behavior before this? I can't believe you stayed for 18 years.

I have been there, I wish I could have worked things out. I learn that with somethings I can only do my best and move on. It my have well been so, i am happy with what I am doing.