Do not attack me with names hereBuddy Harris and I met on Datehookup and he called me several times and text me all the time. I would push him to come see me. We net twice in the middle because we lived four hours apart. I rushed into. My cousin gave us free food. On March 27, 2014, I moved in. We hung out a lot. I loved his children. He wanted our friends to be a witness at our wedding. He told people that I was with his wife. His friends were cool. One night I was hanging out with Buddy,he got drunk. While he was drunk he kept on repeating that I was like Whitney Halbrooks. Whitney Halbrooks should of had child by now. He has four children with two different women drama there. Then he started getting violent with me. He got mad at me and he hit the door instead of my face and made a dent on the door. He was throwing stuff at me. His daughters saw him messing with me while he was drunk. He has two girls. Emma Harris is eight years old. Brookelynn Harris is six years old. The girls were crying and asking me if I was ok,but their dad yelled at him and told them to go to bed. The next morning he got up in my face, I told him to get out of my face then he kept at, so I kicked him and pushed him too. After I did that he corned me beside the beside punched left arm first and then hit my right arm too ascribed about it in April the first month I was there. He would corn me in closets to threaten me there. He threatened to knee me in the face. He was talking to my cousin in April. He flirted with her on June 2, 2014 and she told me that and I believe her because I got girls text him all the time, when he was drunk. My dad saw the bruises. A few times he would put his hands around my mouth and throat to hush me up. He did not want the neighbors to hear it. When he was passed out drunk his neighbor hit on me and touched me in bad way, so I could of got rapped there. He would take my credit card without my permission. We used to have a dog, we saw him beat the dog in the stomach, we saw him throw the dog, we saw him make the dog pea all over and that is bad too. On May 31, 2014 he told my parents to come and get me. I didn't know that. I ran from my parents because he said they were going to force me to go to a mental place, but they never said that. He turned me against my family. Woodward police came over to ask how mental I was. He hid me from my parents, but he wanted me gone. I did harass him because his whole life bothered me, so I should of never been with him at all. He had the girls because their mom, Haley Wilcoxson got caught doing drugs in the car while they were in it too. My family thought he would kill me because how abusive he was towards me. My grandma thought he would kill me and leave me in a ditch too. I told his family and his friends about the abuse, but nobody listened to me. April 22, 2014 and June 9, 2014 my grandparents came to visit us. Her grandparents could not handle how he was treating me. He was forcing me to get a job. He text my grandma nasty things. He told her to stop treating her like a baby. June 18, 2014, her brother came up there to help her get away from abusive Buddy. He came up there because my brother heard that I wanted to kill myself. Buddy would always threatened me and he said if you ever left then I would kill myself and make you watch too. June 22, 2014, her dad came to get me and he took me home. Then I went back the next day to Buddy. June 28, 2014, my parents tried to come get me, but I ran because I didn't want my parents to put me in a nut hi use, but Buddy lied to me because he wanted me gone, but he still wanted control of me, so he lied to me to keep there and I will foolish to run away from my parents. He hid me again without knowing that he truly wanted me gone and he lied to me a second time too. June 28, 2014 that is when the Woodward police came over to make sure we are ok and I called the police on my dad and I should of done that, but I believed all Buddy's lies,sorry.
amazingandbeautifulgodseyes amazingandbeautifulgodseyes
31-35, F
Aug 18, 2014