A Call to Arms. Ask Yourself What (1) In (3) Really Means!

My name is EPJake.  Many of you know me.  Many of you do not.

I am sharing a story with a very specific purpose.  I have been doing some research around domestic violence and abusive relationships.  I found a very frightening and very real statistic.  1 in 3 teens say that they have been in an abusive relationship by age 18.  As if this number, in and of itself, wasn't scary enough... in digging through stories and the like, I found that what is most disturbing is how these abusive relationships that happen in the teen years are often with the first person that the abused person really feels that they loved... their first experience with romantic love is tied to this aspect of violence.... and it can become hard to see the too as separate.  It skews a persons perspective in ways I can only imagine.  I too have suffered emotional abuse although not in a romantic relationship.  I know it is something that I carry with me each day.

I have pulled together a petition / pledge with a "bill of rights" of sorts that I think we should all keep in mind.  I am posting this story as a call to action and I hope you will join me.  I hope you will take the time to sign the petition.  To pledge your support.  To stand up and say... not me.... not you... not anyone.  Because no matter what, I think that (1) in (3) is ONE too many.  Because this may be an experience we have in common... but one that I think we all wish we could put on the "Endangered Experiences List."

Please join me.  Please show your support.  Please share this with others.  Let's make a difference together.  I leave the rest up to you.  Thank you for reading.


EPjake EPjake
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EP Jake,I am sorry I did not spot your post sooner,you have my full support on this matter.I may have not been subjected to abuse in the specific way you have written,I am a victim of indecent assault by my so called Uncle for several years as a child.This abuse has left me emotionally scarred,something that I once never spoke about.By keeping all that horror buried deep in my mind it lead to me finally having a total breakdown in my early 40's.<br />
Any kind of abuse can not be tolerated,I abhor violence,doubly so when it is in the domestic environment.I am more than happy to join your petition.<br />
Regards,<br />
garvan EP volunteer/sponsor.

I don't feel like I can even type these words without being in Serious trouble. My wife has abused me for 19 years and somehow I didn't see it and everyone else did does. I am seeing it a little at a time and it scares me to death, my heart races and I don't know who to tell without getting punished by her. I hate feeling that scared. The only reason I am writting this is because when i smoke mj it makes me see everything clearly and takes away all my pain and sadness and everything bad. But, remember I am a gemini and just learning who my twin is. Thanks for letting me type something. I will get out of this situation! I hope!

I know, it's a scary thing. I've been through it too. I met him when we were 15, and things turned sour by age 17, and yet I stayed with him until 19. Now I'm almost 21 and part of me still wants him to come back and be the same sweet boy I met 5 years ago. I have to keep reminding myself that he isn't that person anymore, and that he hurt me more than I deserved. It really is a cycle. I'm scared to death that it will happen again. I don't want to fall in that same cycle of abuse and self hatred.

I'am one or was one of your statistic, you got my full attention, I was sexually abused by my mom and stepdad at the age of thirdteen,I was physically and mentally abused and I want to make a diffrence Ep Jake.