Life Where Did You Go?

It's been twelve years and i still don't get it, He fell in love with me! crazy, outgoing, center of attention, I love people but am in love with him, it don't matter ican't leave the house without a fight, the phone rings and i cring, i walk on egg shells everyday of my life, I wish he was dead!!!

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2 Responses Mar 28, 2009

I know that feeling. Nothing was ever good enough for my ex g/f.<br />
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I often wish she was dead except that I still care about her.<br />
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Sad part is that she doesn't think she has a problem & it's all my fault.

They deceived you intentionally. They don't tell you at the beginning that they intend to make your life a living hell.<br />
They isolate you from friends/family.<br />
They tell you lies about yourself<br />
They use the trinity of abuse names (sl*t, wh**re, b**ch)<br />
They telll you that you are having an affair when it is them that are having the affair(s)<br />
They keep you on the edge questioning yourself so that keeps you in confusion.<br />
They will never change no matter what they say, they are liars.<br />
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Read my blog for my divorce story. Message me for any support that you need.<br />
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