Years of Abuse

I was in an emotionally abusive relationship.  He controlled everything.  He was manipulative - and lived life as a lie.  He pretended to be a successful attorney all the time goofing off on the golf course and spending my money and badmouthing me to the kids.  I did not realize - I trused him.  He called me stupid, crazy a liar etc in front of my kids and undermined our relationship.  I am trying to recover.  God knows it is hard - he has screwed up the kids by trying to be the favorite parent always putting me down.  THere is something really wrong with him.  Even his family walks on eggshells because of his explosive temper.  He is always right.

How did I get here is my question   I am rebuilding my life.  Hopefully the relationship with the kids is fixable.  I just did not know.


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2 Responses Aug 30, 2009

u will in time regain the trust of your kids, i went through this, it was hard and sad but you will have the love of your children back in time

You got there by allowing your emotions to be used abominably by another. I suspect you didn't have a lot of self esteem going in for this man to dominate you to this extreme.<br />
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The important thing now is to resurrect you own self worth and worry about a reconnect with your children once you regain control of your own life.<br />
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This man is a consummate loser and your children will discover this in time as they mature and if they don't it will be their loss.<br />
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The important thing now is to salvage your life and you must do that before you can even attempt to tackle any other issues.