I Left Him!!!! :)

I left him!!! I have to get ready for work but will write more over the weekend. I would love to make friends with other women who have been what I have through. Thank GOD I finally had the tenacity to leave him. He did not have  a chance to hit me...I had to walk away from him plenty of times to avoid that. Everyday he liked to argue. He checked my mileage, followed me. He even questioned me about going to the market. Everything had to be his way. I slept in the other room for the last 3 years.

My first husband passed away in 2005. I grew up in California. My friends in Florida invited me to move my 5 year old son down there...start fresh, a new life. The first Sunday was Mother's Day. I went to their church and saw the most attractive man!! I smiled at him..but I was sure he was married and also it was too soon for me...eventually we were like magnets. I saw him on the road.."WOW"..he was super hot, nice, mellow, went to church, etc..etc..always had money, which I thought he was secure and I wanted my son also to have a good life. I thought as the time i was doing the right thing. Although...Somewhere deep in my soul I knew it would be short lived. I will finish this later over the weekend. It is am amazing story. Especially how I had to flee!!! I can be so helpful to others..I have to go to work. I'll be back! :)

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I am so sorry I am just getting on here now! Life is busy and good when you finally have the courage and strength to move on. A lot of cleaning up the old mess, old thoughts, old patterns though. Please feel free to add me, etc..if you need to talk, I will check this now at least weekly. <br />
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Sending you both strength, light, and love!

i want to know your story... please... how were you able to leave someone that you're in love with but at the same conflicted because you know that what they're doing to you isn't right...

i am also in the mist of leaving and i do not want to go back because i am verbally and physically abused but because i have been in this so long i feel like i wanna go back because i am scared. I would love to speak with you for advise or just help...my email is goburham@gmail.com