I'll make this quick; 2009 hysterectomy, led to laporoscpy, Dr nicked colon didn't catch it, 48 hours in ER dying, emergency surgery, 6 more surgeries including ostomy reversal. now I find out they used recalled mesh. Uncontrollable and disabilitating pain, memory loss(short & long term) , can't speak clearly as I lose track of what I'm talking about also it is as if a stop sign was stopping all thought process. Pain is from scar tissue and mesh and adhesions. In bed 60-80% due to pain. Vivid memories of beautiful and scary times in coma. Incredible and scary memories, but relationship with Christ and our heavenly father has grown so much. Though it is a much harder life, it is a 2nd chance at life. Best advice: concentrate on healing, not the Dr's mistake or the fact they didn't pay any money toward my medical/didn't take responsability. It's hard to forget as I'm always in pain physically,
financially, and emotionally. BUT I am blessed to have bible study and a great family. Told to accept situation, but somedays, I pray there are procedures that cud help me. I trust that God has a plan. Problem, I was told if they go inside me, I'm so full of scar tissue, it would be like doing surgery in a blizzard with their eyes closed.
Living with lots of pain, pills, anxioty, flashbacks, trouble sleeping, trouble communicating, concentration, terrible pain with intercourse and being on my feet, trouble with sleep and so much more. I'm blessed as everything I have gone thru so far, is helping me become the person God wants me to be.
Life is hard but my Dr has helped me with many symptems, but I'm still reminded everyday of my disability and the knowledge that there is nothing surgically to help.
I'm hoping to talk to others with similer experiences. I have lots of question, want to positively support others while also gaining support from others.
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I suffered similar experience last year and am now in "recovery". But not recovered. Need abdominal reconstruction .
Always in pain,always constant reminder, memories of coma dreams , flashbacks, fear of the future and trying to accept the present situation is hard.