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1 Rotten Apple To Spoil The Bunch...

we shall name him "T".

• He was 5 years older, he was really handsome, caring, confident ..etc. He was never good at dedicating time towards me. making timw for chats, or phone calls. Hed always come up with a silly excuse. About a year afterwards, after having suspicions and noticing aome stories didn't match or make sense to me, he called me (for the first time) and confessed it all to me. That parts of him were a lie.

Main one. Being his image. That wasnt him, but a cousin of his. He said that at first when we met, he had trouble trusting females (after recently breaking up an engagement, he was cheated on). I was soo shocked and angry at this confession. I had built this image of him for the longest time, and thought he was sooo gorgeous. But no, I did ask for the "real him". He didnt hesitate and sent a pic right away. He was the complete opposite. shorter, and a bit more pounds on him. Now, I wouldnt of found him unattractive if he shared his pic from day #1, but my vision was already biased by his lie, that I just couldnt accept what was happening. Weeks passed in which he promised to call and try to work things out...... but days and days passed, and it seems like he disappeared into thin air.

I loved him but I learnt from my mistakes. I was warned aswell by a good friend, but I didnt listen. This definitely hurt me, and had put me on a dating hiatus. ..... F#ck him....
MizShagtastic MizShagtastic 22-25, F 1 Response Jun 22, 2012

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I'm sorry to hear this happened to you, something similar happened to me...