Online Love Has Not Been Good To Me....

I have met four people online who I have gotten intimate with in person, later on...and one that I never got to meet. They all used me as tension relief, layering every touch with dirty lies of love.

As such, I am not letting my heart believe until we have been friends in person for six months. During this time, I need to see their house, where they work and play, and meet some of their friends and family. Right now, there may be one EPeep I would make an exception for, but I am still wary of falling in love online again.

My greatest true love was my ex-fiance, C. I met him at a goth club in 2000 and we are still friends 10 years later.

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<p>Ouch.</p><p>Many people enter into online relationships dishonestly, sad to say. Many years ago, I met a woman online who had just experienced something traumatic. She was married, she had fallen in love with a man online who had told her he was single, she had met him for a weekend, and them she started putting some pieces together and realized that he was married too but hiding the fact.</p><p>She was devastated. I, on the other hand, have always tended to be the kind of guy whose shoulder women cry on, so I spent days talking with her about all the pain she was going through, and how she was trying to repair things with her husband. My intention was just to be friends with her, but what happened? I ended up developing a major crush on her! After all, we had spent days talking at a level of great emotional intimacy. I was convinced I was in love with her. (I am married.)</p><p>Our conversations were never sexual or romantic. It was clear to me that she did not have these kinds of feelings toward me. And so I was miserable when I talked with her and miserable when I did not talk with her. After a while, she vanished from the web site, but it was probably a good year afterwards before I was over this.</p><p>In retrospect, I have come to the conclusion that the holodeck from the Startrek TV series is a good metaphor for all this. Holodeck matter (including holodeck people) is kind of real, kind of not. I now think of cyber love as a "holodeck emotion".</p>

Sorry I didn't read this earlier. I feel the same. Hope you're happier now.

Im sorry to hear and ty for shareing. How are you doing now ?


True love is maintaining a friendship after the sex is over.