Stolen From My Real Mom.

Reasonable Efforts? How about any efforts.

My mom was physically disabled.

She was investigated for having a messy house.

How could she keep up with daily tasks? She was in a wheelchair.

Was the social worker helpful? No.

Did she offer my mom any services? No. In fact she specifically said she would not.

Did I see my mom after that. The longest time I had with my mom after that visit was at her funeral.

If a parent has a physical medical condition they should be offered viable services to keep their kids. NOT treated the same as a drug user or other abusive person.

1. Do you know if you were taken for a good reasons?
No, I was not taken for a good reason.
2. Were you ever in shelter, group home, juvenile hall?
yes all 3
3. Was your time in the system beneficial or harmful?
harmful definitely.
4. What should cps do differently?
too much to list
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Dear one,
I just read this one...yes I know you are kick ***!!! Your mother would be so so proud of you!!

Im sorry :(