Only Experience That Makes Me Cry

I have not had an easy life. Sadness and darkness seem to always find me. That's ok, I ve nev er really complained. I belive it can always be worse and someone always has it worse than me. I have no right to complain. As I was going thru my list on here this was the one topic that invoked a severe emotion. The tears won't stop comming. Why out of everything this one? Could it be because I didn't have to go thru it? She brought me to the courthouse and begged them to take me away. She planned it. I was not a bad kid. Now as an adult she is around. She says she thought it was the only way to get me help... Things don't add up. It hurts. I was severly abused by my natural father inever way you can imagine. But he was long gone before she lied about me to the courts to put me in foster care. My first foster home actually got ahold of my father put him back in contact with me and forced me to have visits with him. I was also raped by their children. It wasn't until I was pulled from their home that he was prosecuted and visits stopped. - was abused in every home I was ever in. I was even put in a home with teenagers that had raped young children and beat me so bad I had to be hospitalized. Foster care ruined any chance I had left to be a child.
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I can feel with you, thought luckily for me and my sisters it was only a short periode of time... but I did end um in hospital... actually that's how I've learnd to nod respect anyone who has to use violence...<br />
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I'm really sorry you hat to go thru this so long... I know we were lucky that our older sister decided to move back to us for us...

Story like this makes me want to adopt. I was regretting why I didn't make children in my early 20s, but after knowing the corruptions of CPS and the abuses to children everywhere. It makes me want to rescue them. If I am not going to have my own children soon, or ever, I have my foster/adopted children. I know its challenging because of the trust issue, but people have to step up.

I agree fully. My husband and I have two children of our own. We have much more love to give, we know it wont be easy but we want to give children a permanent, loving and caring home. Stories like these only make me more determined to fulfil this.