I Had No Idea....

I thought you were just a crush.
But it all started the first time you ended our friendship...
I realized that I was in love when I cried over you. When there was a unexplainable, dull, aching feeling where my heart is. When I was so shocked that I couldn't cry. When I was suicidal. When I wished the world would end. When I started getting long, aching pains in my stomach. When I couldn't breathe anymore at 11:00 at night. When I felt that something was missing, I was incomplete. When I said "I'm in love", and it sounded right.
You were never my boyfriend, but you've ended our friendship several times. Then apologized. And I forgave you, 'cause I love you.
When we are friends, which we are now....
Seeing you completes my day. Talking to you makes my day. Your smile sets off butterflies inside of me. I want to jump up and wrap you in my arms when I see you.
When we aren't friends, I think....
Dammn it. I hate him. That bastard. But I love him. Why?
When I think about how it's likely you'll end our friendship, AGAIN...
Expected. You've ended it sooo many times already, why not again? Hmm? You will. Ahhh. I hope not. Please don't. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. I love you.

You're my missing puzzle piece, but am I yours?
I know for sure it's love.
People are saying it's just an obssession, a crush. 'Cause I'm too young to love.
But no, they are wrong.
I'm 100% sure.
I'm in love.

Now I know, and it isn't any better knowing that I love you.
Love me back.

imfalling4u imfalling4u
36-40, F
May 24, 2011