I Really Like My Best Friends Brother

So me and my friend have been pretty good friends for the past two to three years, we've been through alot an she's always there for me.. But her dad recently found a girl and she has a 17 year old son( just turned 17) when we met, I thought that he was the cutest most awesome dude ever! He's really country and I LOVE country boys, here recently my friend told him that I liked him.. Here's the thing a few nights ago when she fell asleep we stayed up talking about us, he told me he liked me. He almost kissed me. But here's the kicker. He has a girlfriend but he's losing feelings for her and wants me more everyday. He also told me that he thinks about me before he goes to sleep, be said that sees that I want to love him but I'm holding back. He wants to love me but he wants to stay faithful to his girl. He wants to kill himself because he can't decide. Someone please help!!
Iloveyouuuuuu Iloveyouuuuuu
13-15, F
Nov 26, 2012