Feeling Like..

Yes I loved them and if I have to admit it ya I still do kinda love them. I can't help it they were my first 11yr old boy band crush. They made my heart melt with their sugar coated teeny bopper lyrics, I used to imagine that they were singing those songs to me lol I know it's so ridiculous when I look back on it now. But hey in my heart of hearts it was true those songs were written for me. Everybody had there favorite New Kid and mine happened to be the youngest Joey McIntyre, oh man did I love him. Posters and pictures decorated the back of my door and my walls. I had tshirts and buttons and even a New Kids watch. What I never got we're ticketes to see them live and of course my little heart broke, so I had to be satisfied just sitting at home and watching their music videos over and over again. It's Wednesday evening at my house and I'm on YouTube and I couldn't help but look up their videos just for old time sake. I think I've listened and watched "The Right Stuff" video about 20 times. I know my husband probably wants to kill me about now lol but I don't care he's never been an 11 yr old girl with a major boy band crush. I just love the feeling of nostalgia I get from watching this particular video, as cliche as it sounds it makes me feel young again.
SpyderBaxter SpyderBaxter
70+, F
May 9, 2012