I Was In Short Trousers Until I Was 15 !

I am 69 now and left secondary modern school aged 15 in 1957 Although it was not very common, there were 6 other boys in my year group still in short trousers so I didn't look out of the ordinary.
I was 15 in the October and left school the following Christmas never having worn long trousers at school.
The cane was in everyday use by most teachers and by the headmaster. It wasn't until it was pointed out to me by a classmate that boys in shorts got the cane on the bottom but boys in long trousers got the cane on the hand.
It was never 6 of the best. Normally 1 to 4 apart from one occasion when a fourth year boy was caned in front of the whole school assembly with six of the best over his long trousers.I can't remember why but must have been something bad. He was later expelled.
I have been a fan of grey school shorts ever since my schooldays and have several pairs which I wear whenever possible.
The above is a factual statement.
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<p>Count yourself lucky with each passing year that u are still allowed to wear shorts as a formal attire.Cos once they get u in long trousers,theres no turning back,even if u wanted to!!I'm sure cane on the hand is more painful than on the bottom.Theres nothing humiliating about being caned on the bottom as a boy.I'm guessing they cane girls on the hand too,to make it less embarassing on the girl(if they caned girls at all even)?</P>

At grammar school in the late 1950s I was made to wear grey short trousers for school. As for canings, they were fairly frequent in those days . I had several across the hands or across my grey short trousers for various firms of naughtiness at school.

I can remember kids of 15 & 16 still being in short trousers in secondary school. The cane wasn't all that prevelent in my day and usually administered by the head or his deputy. Class teachers used anything from the tawse to wooden rulers as punishment.


How many pairs of grey school shorts do you have and are they lined or unlined?

What length are they? Do you have any photos of them to post?

Do you wear your grey school shorts in town? Or maybe you have other shorts that are not so obviously school uniform.
Can't understand the logic behind caning boys in shorts on the bottom, and boys in longs on the hand. Did you ever hear an explanation for this discrimination?
For me the advantage of wearing shorts is that the thighs are bare and available for punishment without the need to take anything down.

Yes I wear them whenever possible. Iwear them with short socks in the town or Long grey sock for more pleasure

Glad to hear that you still enjoy wearing short trousers. I live in the tropics and am happy to wear shorts all year round. How do you manage in an English winter?

Hi, It's something I've always done! We used to walk to school (About a mile) wearing shorts even in the snow.
Many thanks for your interest, Regards, David.

I, too, remember my school days in England wearing short trousers without exception until I was well over 13. We didn't question it, it was just part of the growing up process, but I do remember sore areas on the backs of my knees in winter.

Yes, not just to 13 but even to 14 and in my case to almost 15. Short trousers were normal at the time. Oh, if only they still were:how silly the littlest boys look in long trousers!

"how silly the littlest boys look in long trousers!" Yes indeed! If only their mums could be persuaded to think along the same lines we might see a change for the better.

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