Band Nerd

Ever since I was little, music has captivated me. My earliest memories are of music, and more specifically, the high school marching bands in the city I was born in. I remember telling my dad as a 3 year old "Dad, when I grow up, I wanna play flute!!"
Later on, we moved to a small town, and luckily for me, the high school marching band would march passed my elementary school as they were practicing for one of the parades, and it was usually during recess, so all the kids would stop doing whatever we were doing and watch the band march by. One time, in my haste to get a good spot on the fence, I tripped over a rather large cement bench. (Needless to say, I didn't end up watching the band that day, just the ceiling in the nurses office, heheh).
In 6th grade, I joined the band, and really wanted to play flute, but was made to play clarinet instead, which I came to like. (I still didn't give up my dream of learning flute though.)
In the 8th grade, I got a taste of marching band when the 8th grade band was invited to march in the Duck Race Parade. It was tiring, yet fun too. And I discovered I got a nice adrenaline rush marching in front of a crowd of people. (That's probablly when I became an adrenaline junkie, heheh)

All throughout high school, I was in the marching band, and loved it, (except maybe the 7 oclock in the morning practices...never been much of  a morning person). I learned tenor sax in high school, but usually played clarinet.

I was also in marching band in college, but sadly, only for a semester. The band was tiny, I think we had perhaps 40 people all in all, but we played with a scarey intensity. I loved being in band.

 Nowdays, I occasionally go by the one of the high schools in the morning to see the band practice for that few minutes the bus in there, and treasure the memories that watching the kids practice bring back. I think I'll always be a band nerd, till the day I die!!
Pebbles1982 Pebbles1982
31-35, F
Sep 7, 2012