Most Nerve Racking Moment

Every year my high school band went to two marching competitions, Zia Marching Festival, and Tournament of Bands. We had to travel four hours to go to Zia, and 1 hour to go to ToB, so all very localish competitions. One year, I think it was my junior year, we were headed up to Zia, and things started to go wrong almost right away.

The equipment bus with the low brass, drum major podiums, percussion equipment, and worse yet, our uniforms, got lost. I remember we pulled into the parking lot, and no equipment bus...nada. 15 minutes passed, and still no bus. 20 minutes and we're all getting a little hot under the collar. 30 minutes, and things are getting nasty with peoples tempers flaring, and still no bus. During that time we were supposed to be practicing marching some of the more difficult areas of the show, ironing out those last little kinks, but we couldn't because half our stuff still hadn't shown up. FInally, with 10 minutes to spare the bus pulls in, and we're all told to hurry and change, and oour band director didn't even care if we didn't separate the girls in one bus and the boys in another!

We barely had enough time to change, blow hot air through our horns to warm them up, and walk over to the field. our band director had us do one breathing exercise to help us focus and calm down, and then it was time to march on to the field. I remember feeling my bowels turn to jello, and hoped I could hold myself together, and stay on the correct foot (easier said than done, I have right/left dysmorphia). We stopped, and I just stood their, waiting for th man with the placard to flip the green side toward the press box, indicating the judges were ready. Seconds that felt like an eternity oozed by, and I had a judge lookat me very closely, which positively scared me! (I also got a nice adrenaline rush, so it didn't really matter, heh!)

Then the placard was flipped over, and we played our hearts out, did the best we could without being able to warm up before hand. Later on as we were waiting for the prelim results, there was sheer silence in the stadium, and when it was announced that our band had gotten fourth place out of twelve, everyone was positively giddy with happiness. I remember screaming just as loudly as everyone else, and giving high fives all around.  That was one of the best competition memories, and one of the reasons I'll always be a band nerd!!
Pebbles1982 Pebbles1982
31-35, F
Sep 7, 2012