The Corpus Domini Eve

It was in the middle of the nice weather. I was at the village in the raunch of my grandpa. It was a middle of the warm summer day. Suddenly my father has called and quickly said "Look out of the window" I thought...what's the hell, a low flying plane?? Or what? I looked and I saw great black cloud. I thought..."Holy sheet! It is great storm." I have heard in the phone that there is in Bielsko very strong wind and it started to be also i this nearby willage. I thought. Holy damn! My grandpa was sleeping. My fireman-uncle was prepairing our field for a potatoes. And...suddenly there was so big wind, noise of the lightenings and ice fall, that everybody thought"**** it! Houses will be colapsed". It was only a while. My aunt, who was visiting my granny in the hospital in Oswiecim, were not able to believe in my news what is happening in the village. Ice balls were intrusing into the house. There was everywhere water and no electricity. My father came into this and...despite of going to the church in order to confess sins in sacrament, we were cleaning our fields.
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Feb 6, 2013