I am an Indian. Male wearing women’s dresses. But I am not gay. Am straight, married

At the age of 14 or so first I took my mother’s saree piece and privately wrapped around my waist Immediately I got erection.I pressed my penis with that saree piece. With which I felt so soothing sensation. At that time I didnt know what was it. But I felt so happy with that soothing feeling when I touched the saree cloth. So I carefully kept it under my books. From that day onwards, when ever I had privacy , I started wrapping around my waist and enjoying that feeling.

After a few days I took my mothers blouse and kept underneath my pant and used to rub to my pennies. It has become a had formed as an addiction to me. Whenever I got the chance to be alone I take some cloth (saree or petticoat or blouse etc) and rap around my waist and used to rub it with my penis. During nights I used to wear my sister’s cloths and kept sleeping after ************ in them

As my mother is a rural Indian she dressed with petticoat, saree and blouse. So I also liked to use those cloths. And after I used to wear my wife's saree, bra, petticoat.blouse and enjoy a lot. And I became habituate to it. After marriage I started thinking “What is this? Am I the only person doing this?” I use to think to stop this habit. But I couldn't.

I was wearing saree, and blouse inside my casual dress.

After some time I became fond of pantie, bra, and Punjabi dresses. Whenever I am alone in my house immediately I took out my pant, shirt and wear panties, bra and girls dress. I am typing this story sitting in my office. Now also underneath my pant and shirt I have pantie, bra, chudidar and top. The touch and smell of all the women’s cloths make me horny and give sooooooooooothing sensation.

Till I join this EP group I was thinking that I am the only man wearing the women’s dresses. I might be mad / perverted. I had consulted psychiatrist also.But he did do nothing.

One more thing I would like to mention here. As I read the other people’s experience in the EP that they are purchasing women’s cloths and using them. But I would like to mention that I dint ever purchase the lingerie and dress, because I dont like the touch and smell of those new ones. I didnt ever touch new cloths. I always use the lingerie, sarees, dresses used by ladies. The touch and smell of those used lingerie and cloths make me horny. I like cotton and satin dresses.

You may question me “how do you get the used cloths” My answer that I put online requests and send emails to ladies to donate their dresses and lingerie. I have about two dozen such dresses, 8 bras, 4 panties, 2 saree, 2 petticoats and 4 blouses (all are used by other ladies) in my collection. Day time I wear them under my pant and shirt and night I remove pant and shirt and wear (those women’s) dresses.
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May 12, 2012