My School

It was a school with nearly 100 year tradition. Teachers, apart of that who abused me were highly experienced and required also to be respecful to them. There was no fun like school discos, in order to headmastress announcement, but it was nice for me because of I think school is a place of heavy work, not for pleassure. You had to be very careful how to speak to teachers, especially when you saw a teacher was more experienced. That was so strict rules. All students had to be able to be identified and everybody had to be well dressed in proper clothes. There were no uniforms, but the closing had to be modest. While you have been at the school festival, your dressing must have been lighlty more representative. Amog teachers, there was such personalities who had got "bad fame" of often given bad marks, heavy to pass to the next class etc. And...there were many examples of learining tradition. If you were a teacher of this school, it would be probably that your kids will be also a teachers of that same. There were also representative persons among finishing this school like embassers, priests, also bishops and deputies. And...despite of strict rules of behavior of students, there was really nice, friendly atmosphere among classes thanks to well experienced workers. We had got internal radio and newspaper. And...people who was released from this school grew up into a real valuable people.
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Feb 6, 2013