A Childhood Memory

I remember once when I was about 7 years old. My cousin and I were outside playing. He was 5. I got bored, and when I get bored I always come up with some brilliant idea to get into trouble. My idea at that time was to create a new game. I told him we had to stand on the side of the road and wait for a car to drive by. just as it was passing by us, we had to take a rock and trow it over the car to the other side of the road, without hitting the car. I threw the first rock. Yup!! I hit the car on the roof. The car slammed on it's breaks at the impact and skidded down the road. We both froze with our mouths opened wide. The car came to a stop and started backing up. I grabbed my cousins hand and we ran up the road and hid behind a tree. The driver stopped in front of my house and got out and went to the front door. I watched as he talked to my aunt and uncle. Then he left. The next thing I heard was my uncle yelling for us. My cousin started to cry. I told him to be quiet and let me handle it. We waited until they had called us a few times and then started walking back down to the house pretending that we had been up the road playing the whole time and didn't know what was going on. When it became apparent to me that they knew it was us, I started to cover my tracks. We got in the house and they sat us down and demanded to know who threw the first rock. I admitted that the game was my idea but what I didn't tell them was that the first rock was thrown by me. Instead, I told them my cousin threw it. He got in so much trouble. He got a whipping and I got off scott free. He tried to tell them that it was me that threw the rock but they didn't believe him. I had a very innocent face. I really should have gotten a whipping for that. I should have gotten a whipping for a lot of crap I did as a child.

Don't worry! More stories will come. Now thanks to an EP friend, I am going down memory lane.

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Take it slow and you'll see that you will get use to it and love it later.<br />
I know from reading your stories, that you will be able to handle it!<br />
Good luck!!

Oh Oupa my friend I am not as afraid of the cane as I once was. my master has introduced it to me slowly because he knows how afraid I am of it. But He has shown me that it doesn't always feel stingy. I look forward to more play with the cane and seeing what it has to offer.

She's too scared, Miles. Lol

you need to be caned NOW<br />
where do you live?

We are looking forward to your next step!, Spank.

Thanks JB

Thanks for the vote of confidence Oupa

A tough lady like you, Spank, will get the hang of it easy!

You're right Oupa! I might give them a try one day. Just not now. I am still too new. Baby steps.

Spank, shivers won't help! You must make your choice.

To be honest JCOM, I know it is mean but I laughed at him.

shivers, don't think I want to experience either of them.

You do't have a choice my friend. You'll have to take the cane, or else the whip!

No thank you. I do not want the cane

It is easy to sort out bratty things. <br />
A cane does wonders! Lol

because I am still doing bratty things.

Yes, I think that is it.

Perhaps now as an adult you need these whippings to make up for all the bratty things you did???

I think your right oupa

That's why you now need lots of whippings!

LOL, yes I was very lucky. There were lots of times I should have gotten a whipping but my mother never whipped me. Not even when I should have gotten it.