I Suffered A Setback...........

It was 3 years back,I was excellent in everything in my life.I topped in studies all throughout the previous year,qualified for high school scholarship,stood 2nd in the state in the state government's computer examination.It was a year full of academic achievments.Not only studies,but i was doing great in sports as well.I played Basketball at the district level,cleared the first exam of Tabla (a musical instrument) in the first class.Then school ended,I enjoyed the summer holidays to the fullest.I was hoping to start the next acdemic year with all the enthusiasm and wanted to achieve more.Holidays ended,school started and everyone at school was praising me about my success and they expected another winning streak that year. A few days passed in the new grade ,everything was going  well and then suddenly an accident took place.
                            I was coming back home from my Basketball practice and while trying to get to the other side of the road on my bike another biker came speeding and crashed into me.I broke my leg.I was optimistic about everything at that time,I thought everything will turn about to be good,everything is going to be fine.I recovered from my fracture after three months,went to school to give exams.I thought i am fit enough to go to school and i had the doctor's advice telling me the same.But destiny had something else in store for me.
                             There at school ,a student was pushed by other fellow student while playing and unknowingly he crashed into me.My recently recovered leg could not bear the hit and I fell down.My leg started paining.To my greatest fear,it was a refracture.I was admitted to the hospital for 3 days.It took another 4 months to recover.I didn't go to school for 7 months and wasn't used to studying now after such a long gap.As time moved on,I discovered I didn't have much self confidence left in me.Other problems started to creep in.I battled negativism and other things the next one year.I have never done that much good at anything since the accident..Topping in school is far too away,I score at an average now.I didn't play basketball after that as the problem with my leg persists no matter what.
                            I really want to be a big and successful person in life.I want to make it to a premier college.I am very serious about education.I started reading self-motivation and self help books 6-7months ago and have become more optimistic about my future.Studies are going fine but I still can't put in the effort I used to before the accident.I am pretty sure that everything will turn out to be extremely fine with me.I just wanted to share it with everyone.
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Sound tuff :( -hugs u- it'll get better tho, I bet it will!!! U sound strong, u will pull thru. I know u can! <br />
<br />
Autym xo

Thanks for your support,looking forward to make a comeback.

Aww thanks for your kind words. You're a sweetheart and I'm rooting for you. Just focus on your studies, don't take on too much too quickly and you'll get back there. Stay i touch, I'd love to know how you're getting on X@

Hats off to you cabcraft!! You have become my inspiration now....................you are such an amazing person.Thank you for your support and I wish you all the best in your life and may you get whatever you wish for.!! I can really learn a lot from you!!The way you have dealt with your accident is really highly appreciable.Keep it up!!God bless you!!

Ahh, what a hard hand to play! But you know you did it once before, so there is no reason for you not to get back to where you were before! You may not play basketball again the way you did, but nothing hurt your mind. You just need to start believing in yourself again, and start pushing yourself to get back to where you were academically. <br />
I also had an acccident 3 years ago, and have struggled to recover. My face was smashed and I had to have reconstruction. I am a bit crooked on one side, but hey, I'm just more unique! My eyes took a beating and I've had 10 operations/procedures on them. They're not good, and I struggle with reading, and the crafts that are my work, hobby and sanity, but I have a strong light, a thingy to make things look bigger ( I also have a problem finding the right word when I need it!!!!) and I persevere. When my eyes hurt, I do something else. I have a bad leg. It gives me a lot of pain, from the hip to the ankle. and it has been really bad for the past few months. But I can walk! My brain wont allow me access to many memories, which can be very disheartening sometimes, but then I hear the story as if for the first time, again! It also will not allow me access to words that I want to use, but when I laugh at it, so do others, and they usually know what word I want, and can supply it for me. All in all, I'm lucky to be alive!<br />
Go for it, you can and will get back to top form academically, as long as you concentrate on it and allow nothing to stand in your way. As for the physical, be patient with yourself, do what the doctors tell you and push yourself as far as you can. If it comes right, celebrate and be thankful. If not, accept it, as hard as it is, and move on. Excel where you can! X@