Just On My Way Home

T he day after Thanksgiving in 2003, I was hit head on by a young 16 year old driver that had never been on the ice before. He lost control of his truck going around 65 mph's and crossed center line and hit me going around 45 mph's. It took the EMS people about 2 hours to cut me out of my car. I was med flighted to a major hospital and went in for emergency surgery to repair my torn aorta. I spent the next 9 weeks in a coma and the next 2 months in the hospital getting strong enough to go back home. I spent the better part of the next year learn to walk again and spent the last 4 years in P.T. trying to get back as much as I can.

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2008

Amazing how life can change so fast, and it had to be a hard time for family right at the holidays. Just starting PT myself so I am inspired to be able to use my arm again. Best of luck and look me up if the cold gets to you and you need to thaw out in Key West

You've been through the mill, but you sound to be of strong will. You have obviously accepted that your life has changed and there is no "moving on" from before the accident. But you can build a new life and with your experience be a stronger person and even eventually may wind up with a stronger body. You can also use your experience, in some sort of public forums to possibly keep others from causing such things from happening.<br />
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My admiration for your resolution and best wishes to you