I Was Seriously Injured In A Vehicle Pedestrian Accident

it all started on november first of 2010 i was walking to the minimart to get my money orders for my bills  as i was witing to cross the street i looked both ways a van stopped and let me go as i was about to get to the curb there was a another car was waiting to make a left turn she motioned  for me to go the next thing i  kn ew i was rolling off the drivers side of her car and being thrown 25 feet and saw her run over both of my legs i was consious through the whole thing i was flown to pittsburg presbitarian hospital in critical condition with severe leg trama and bleeding profusely my  from my injuuries my husband left me so my older brother had to sign all the papers to have emergency surgery my chances of making it through this where  very slim  they told my brother that the next 24 to 72 hours where very critical but god was looking over me that i spent 2 months in the trama unit  than it was off to rehab but everytime i tried to walk i got an infection  in my right leg  so this past october i lost my battle to save my right leg they had to amputate it beocause there was so much infection in it  so now im doing great dealing with this accident has helped me lot ive been dealing with this sice the accident  im doing very well ill be getting my prosthetic in  3 to 4 weeks  than i can  learn to walk again cant wait
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Feb 7, 2012