A Drunk...

...made a left in front of me on my way to work fifteen years ago a little after 5am. I was doing around 30mph. The car was totaled, and because i wasn't sitting back far enough, my right knee hit the lower dashboard. The shoulder belt fractured my sternum, which took eight weeks to heal, and i got operated on for torn cartilage in my right knee. It taught me to sit as far back as i comfortably and safely can when i drive as well as when i'm just a passenger.
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hello, im remy from fast track direct , i work for an insurance company, and from looking at your case, i would make it my priority to get you compensation with-in a month , would it be possible to message me ?

The case was settled fourteen years ago and the paper i signed agreed that i wouldn't sue further. Now, suing my relatives and step relatives for treating me like garbage my entire life and placing me in perpetual indigence is quite another matter, as I'm in desperate need of $100,000

I am against drinking and driving. So many innocent people get hurt or killed. I ask people if you drink or do drugs please don't drive. I gave up drinking years ago but some of my family and friends still do it. I tell them to call us my husband and I will help them get home.