Feb 22 , 2011 My Life Changed Forever

Im a 39 year old male who was using a riding lawn mower to clear snow.
It was a bright sunny day after a major snow storm the road were already cleared
By the city plows. As I was clearing a driveway running out of room to plow snow to
And fearing a ticket from the city for putting snow in the roadway. I started having to go into
The road to remove snow. I am very thankful I was wearing proper ppe and safety orange.as i was going
In and out of traffic with caution .30 mph road no worse than a residential street.
Using a turn lane for protection from traffic( this lane is used residents turning in their driveways
And backing out of them) as i sat in this turn lane perpendicular to traffic
Watching a few cars come by as they wave to me (someone I new)
As i turn my head the other way that's when my life change
A car was drive illegally in a turn lane and speeding at that
Next thing that happen was I was hit broadsided knock out cold hit the pavement
Waken up on contact as my body tumble down the road
Laying on the side of the road in and out of consciousnous cops ,firefighter,paramedics,all
Standing over me not sure on what to do(I'm6'6" backboard is 5'10")
As i look around at the carnage from the accident parts from the riding mower.
Laying up and down the road as i looked over the look on the drivers face she didn't have a carein the
World. Trama doctors were surprised to find no fractures or broken bones
Mri of the lumbar and t spine shown tears and disc shifts serverely brused
Hip and pelvis the mental and physical back after 15months is off the charts
I lost my dream job in the process of losing my house court case is going nowere
Lost my health care on a sinking ship going nowhere
Please forgive my writing I am very up set
I can still bearly walk after 15 month
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

More than 3 years later after my accident . I been retired collecting my ssdi . And was told that I would be on 7 different medications for the next 15 years my days r 50/50 as far as pain is concern and I hate when I have to pass flair up I just want to hide in a corner . My court case went nowhere because of the person that hit couldn't deal with her life problem anymore and over dose on med and committed suicide. That is the only peace of mind i have left and i don't care what anyone thinks about my opinion she was higher then a kite when she hit me and cops just her go. Chew on that one

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