The Day I Almost Died

I was in a terrible car accident on November 19, 2005 that almost killed me. This is what happened. My dog was due for one of his vaccine shot, and we had an appointment with the vet on November 19, 2005 at 9am. My husband was the driver and I was the passenger. We were driving for about 10 minutes and we were approaching a stoplight that was yellow so we slowed down, then it turned red so we came to a complete stop. Six seconds later, BOOM! A car hits us from behind. My husband said I was screaming before I was knocked unconscious. We were hit from the back that caused us to spin around and collide with another car on my side. My husband saw me bleeding from my ears and my head so he started to apply pressure. People on the streets started to call the cops, it was a 5 vehicle collision, me being the most injured.  

The ambulance rushed me to the hospital.  While being aided by the paramedics my husband saw the man that hit us. The man was saying "No, Not my new car!" I got surgery on my head, they had to drill a hole to release the pressure on my brain. I was in a coma for 10 days. Because of the accident I suffer from short term memory, which is the reason why I don't work nor go to school and this has led me to depression.

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Since everyone else is sharing their story here's mine.

October 21, 1989 on my way to work when the exhaust broke off near front of car, pipe hit a pothole and twisted under the car. So car in park, e-brake on, 4way flashers on, proceeded to trunk to get a jack.

A car came around the corner, she said she seen me there, knew I was in the middle of the road, she ended up hitting the gas instead of the brake. Estimated speed was 80 mph at impact. Me being crushed between the two cars. Right leg was crushed so bad that my foot was up by my armpit.

I spent 9 months in hospital, 2 1/2 years in a wheelchair, back and neck fractured in 6 places, fight leg amputated below the knee.

Now I'm a long haul truck driver, pulling flatbed.

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I hope you sued the driver who hit you. He was at fault, so you're entitled to compensation. The money would at least help with the medical expenses if nothing else.

1/1/05 cascade MD. Car came out 1 way St. Wrong way! In front of me.I laid motorcycle down,hit,and BROKE ! telephone pole, they did stop but left after cops showed.Me pronounced DOA,air lifted out. All this told to me later.I was in coma 11 days of 21 in hospital.broke skull neck back shoulder pelvis ribs sternum ,ETC.guts. Depressed,short term mem.loss,Angry! At person in car??? At cops no investigation ,or any return calls,Pain Dr.s,an Insurance Co. Some times life just Sucks! 53 yrs.young. Will still pay Reward for car driver iNFO.! Car pulled out ,saw me?and or car coming other direction AND hit brakes in middle of road an stopped! In my lane,I was over white line on side when I HAD to lay bike down.

1/1/05 cascade MD. Car came out 1 way St. Wrong way! In front of me.I laid motorcycle down,hit,and BROKE ! telephone pole, they did stop but left after cops showed.Me pronounced DOA,air lifted out. All this told to me later.I was in coma 11 days of 21 in hospital.broke skull neck back shoulder pelvis ribs sternum ,ETC.guts. Depressed,short term mem.loss,Angry! At person in car??? At cops no investigation ,or any return calls,Pain Dr.s,an Insurance Co. Some times life just Sucks! 53 yrs.young. Will still pay Reward for car driver iNFO.! Car pulled out ,saw me?and or car coming other direction AND hit brakes in middle of road an stopped! In my lane,I was over white line on side when I HAD to lay bike down.

I had a car crash back in 2006! i was driving down I80 From Morris IL. to Romeoville IL. A drunk guy doing 110 m.p.h. rear ended my Honda Civic Hatchback. I flew up in the air bounced up and down for a little bit doing flips i hit my head put me into a coma! I fractured my pelvic, the seat belt cut my spline, i had to learn how to talk, walk, and do everything again like a newborn baby. the scary part is i was pronounced dead at the crash site!! they called the coroner out to pronounced my death i woke up three days later the night of my birthday!! when i woke up they had to put a net inside my body to catch the bloodclots from killing me two weeks later!! to this day i still have nightmares, i cant drive at night. i have post traumatic stress disorder P.T.S.D. i also had brain trama!!!

How awful of the man to say that about his new car! I mean, you were seriously injured and he has a cheek to say that? <br />
<br />
Anyway, glad you're okay. :)

Yeah, I also had a wreck (I prefer to call it a "wreck" rather than "car accident") over 20 years ago. A drunk driver almost killed me. Yes, your life changes. My life is horrible, but I think I'm now a better person because of the wreck. It does change you. Your depression-it will get better in time. "Time heals all wounds". Maybe you should also consider an antidepressant. I was put on an antidepressant in the hospital. Antidepressants don't take the depression away entirely, but it makes the depression more manageable.

Wow that is traumatizing! That is a very emotional thing to go through. Depression is ugly. I too have dealt with deep depression.It takes time to truly heal.I cant believe the guy was saying something about his car when you were hurt!Terrible.<br />
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I have not been involved in any such serious situation, but all I can say is that let's cherish the moments of peace and happiness we have between the moments of despair and frustration. Whatever faculties we have lost control of, let's celebrate the fact that we are alive and able if not anything, to share these experiences. I hope that you recognize that life ends as quickly as it changed for you, so surviving is just an opportunity to appreciate life and give the world something special.

My little sister who is twenty just got in a serious car wreck Tuesday the 14 of December. A man distressed about something between his ex girlfriend was turning into his driveway presumably off of the highway and hit my sister driving home from work in the drivers side as she was coming around the bend in the road at sixty miles per hour. I just learned of it this morning and I live states away. The guy wasn't looking at who was coming as he headed towards his driveway. I'm her older brother and I am almost 25 and am devastated by this. I've never dealt with something this tragic in my immediate family. <br />
My sister is in the hospital now with brain trauma, swelling, the second vertebrae in her neck is broken, she has a several broken bones including her collar bone, ankle, and arm. I couldn't believe it when I heard from my Mother in a phone call. I still am deeply upset by this. I am starting to have alot of anger for this happening I don't know why this had to happen to her. I would have rather it happened to me because she was happy, working a good job, doing what she wanted to, and now something like this just stops you in your tracks - in the bl<x>ink of an eye like others said here. <br />
She is not paralyzed thankfully.

I was feeling pretty depressed when I came upon this site this morning, but after reading all you guys have gone through, I am very grateful that my problem is actually nothing compared with what you guys went through and still going through. I pray for all of you and that God will strengthen you daily!

Hi hon, I feel for you and know a little about what you're going through too. I had 2 accidents in 7 years resulting in head injuries. BTW neither was my fault, the first was a car accident, the other driver was a kid of 18 who fled the scene, but was brought back by his dad with 15 minutes. Good for dad!<br />
The 2nd was a speeding motorbike hit me as I was waiting to cross the road as a pedestrian. We have it all on a security video from the service station where I was standing.<br />
I have memory problems, minor short term, but my long term memory is full of holes. It has no pattern or time span, weird, and sometimes really gets to me. My face was smashed, the bones on the right side crushed. I had a fantastic Maxillo-facial surgeon who operated from inside my mouth as far as possible to prevent scarring. The one incision on my face was done under my eye, in a natural crease, and is totally invisible. My face is not symmetrical, but then neither is anyone elses', mine is just more so. My eyes have suffered the worst, I can see long-distance, and no longer wear glasses - this is fantastic! But my vision middle distance and close-up is awful. I keep getting eye infections from strain. I find shopping difficult, to my husbands' secret delight :D. It's a brain problem though, not eyes. I've had 10 eye operations on top of the 3 facial surgeries, and 15 broken teeth. My left leg is often very painful and swells, but I walk without assistance. There is another operation looming for a hip replacement, but we're delaying as long as possIible.<br />
I had/have PTSD, and am being treated for depression, which depresses me (:D), because the pill makes me put on weight.<br />
HOWEVER! I am alive, I look very normal, if a bit different, even good if I say so myself! I have a good life, am reconciled to my husband who nursed me, and can enjoy my 2 new grandchildren immensely.<br />
Get your depression treated, not with drugs, if you don't want to, but it must be treated! Try to accept the limitations you now have. UNLESS you can do something about them. This is the new you, not the old one. That person died, this new you was reborn!!!! Give thanks for that, and make peace with that. <br />
And remember, we understand, we empathise, we will support you, listen when you need to vent, will not judge you. You also have family and friends who need to understand how you feel so educate them, point them to this site, to help them gain understanding from others in similar situations. Finally, God bless you x@

Agreed, mellietel; being "normal" is sorta subjective. "Normal" as to what? someone you see on a movie screen or normal to yourself. Evreything that has happened to me after the shock and emotion has leveled out, affected me physically. Just watching me walking sometimes even makes me laugh at myself. I find myself in comedy sketches in those situations and find myself chuckling alone in public. Really embarassing is dropping things like a glass of something, but I shine it on and continue after I clean up the mess (I'm running out of glasses and now use mostly platic tumblers).<br />
<br />
I could really care less about anyones negative thoughts and really don't wnat sympathy (sympathy is found in the dictionary between $#1/ and syphillis). Everyone has disabilities, although they usually mask them well. Your injuries may have caused some perminant changes in your life, but you will learn to lessen them and live with the ones you cannot change, you will be a better person and a more attractive person than you ever have been. <br />
<br />
Remember that you are a child of God and have every much a right to be here as the moon and stars, and you wil have challanges all your life, every one of them helping you to grow; then eventually helping others in their time of need. Demonstated care and love spreads more quickly than hate; now it's your turn.

People need to remember that with brain injury there are stages. Some where you just cry all the time and are really depressed and feel like the worlds ended for you, others where you laugh at everything. Finally these stages are less frequent when acceptance is found. Just knowing we have to live with this disability and we can work to make it better, but it will always there. We will never be "normal".

AND !! ... you will never forget EP .. And WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU .

Positive .

..For starters - I felt extremely 'don't-know-what-to-think-of-this-guy' at Mr."..'No, Not my new car!' " !!! I allowed myself to feel infuriated - didn't want to suppress it ! You are not only a survivor by nature but an extremely positive person too. I want your depression to go away - so that you continuously keep becoming increasingly well ! The process is already gaining momentum. I strongly suggest keep making more'n'more friends. Your being here at EP itself is a proof that depression is losing. YOU HAVE NOT GIVEN UP ... AND YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK - WELL ON YOUR WAY:)

I've had many times when I should have been killed, but here I am. Examples: I was electrocuted by 480 volts, hand to hand, standing in water - here I am; a brain ameurysm burst - I was dead, according to the hospital for about 15 or 20 minutes and was sent back; three years ago, I was driving about 75 mph and was T-BONED by another car landed and bounced 3 times on my corner of the roof, broke my C-1 and C5&6 - neurosurgeon sad either one should have killed me.<br />
<br />
I suppose I could have given in to depression, but I opted to improve myself in spite of the doctors' prognoses. The aneurysm left me without a short term memory and no facial muscle control on the right side of my face, had lost most of my hearing and had no sence of balance - doc said to get used to it, I would never recover, in my slightly uncontrolled stte I told him what he could do to himself, and recovered all my functions, even controlling my facial muscles even though there's no feeling, except I still had slight hearing; The broken neck left me, once again with loss of balance and hearing loss, still working on that, and I am am in constant pain from my neck down to my right hand - working on that too; electrocution, well lets just say that somehow I was moved to the other side of large equipment that I would have to walked a total of about 300 yards and gone up and down 2 flights of stairs. No explanation given here.<br />
<br />
Yeah, I had some tough times. I could have surrendered to my misfortunes, but instead I let those make me stronger and a better man. It gave me a better understanding why we are here and what our jobs in this life really are, and I strive to accomplish those jobs daily.<br />
<br />
Come out into the sunshine, never give in to your disabilities, grow new neurons in your brain as did I because it's you body and you have the right to do it. If you have a memory problem, memorize something, a poem or a name; when you have done that, memorize something larger, and continue on to bigger and better things and recite them often. When you are depressed and feel like you want to be alone, get up, take a shower, get dressed and go out and talk to someone and laugh at their corney jokes. you world will get brighter.<br />
<br />

Tragic memories are hard to get over. I hope that you look at it in a way that is positive. you LIVED when you could have easily DIED. There is something that you are yet to do with your life before it is finished. Telling your story is a good thing and we all have stories. I love stories and it is too bad that some are so hard to hear. Realize that the person who hit you was probably in shock and I hope he/she realizes (I am sure they do) that any material possesion is not worth a human beings trauma.<br />
I appreciate your story and am glad you are alive and well. Don't harbor resentment (I don't read that in your story) but graditude. You are still here for a special reason and best wishes to you on doing this!<br />
Love and Peace<br />

i almost died one day when i was on my bike and i was going down a hill no handed standing up and a cat ran out in front if me to wich i swerved and came off my bike cutting up my hands stomach and arms, but i landed in front of a car and my head almost went under the wheel but i moved and my head was hit by the bumper , luckely it wasnt a serious injury, another day i almost couldve died was on my bike going up a dir mound , my bike went sideways and i jumped off landing with my feet firmley on the ground , i didnt hurt my self but my chin was inches away from a spike on a fence, so if i had bent my knees upon landing i wouldve had a gapping hole in my chin to the roof of my mouth ,ouch

having a near death experience really shows how much material things and money are worth? nothing without health and friends

having a near death experience really shows how much material things and money are worth? nothing without health and friends

That had to be the most serious car crash that I've ever heard in my life. Although it's a relief that you're alive which is ace. I know how it feels to get into a car crash, I got caught in one about 3 years from now.<br />
<br />
Don't let it get to you, you can fight your depression and you can make improvements on your life. Take it easy yeah?

Jolly - You are right, he needs to focus on the positive.<br />
I have always been grateful for the fact this was one of the times I was wearing a seatbelt and that I would be able to chase after my kids again.<br />
I strongly suggest you join a support group for family members of people with head injury. The effects can be very different for each person, but his first inclination will be to deny the extent of deficits he has been left with. He will try to do things as he did before; relying on his memory, but this will betray him. He should get some occupational therapy, develop some compensatory strategies such as using a day-planner.<br />
<br />
Eventually he will appear as the same person on the outside, but there have been permanent changes to his core. Try to be patient and a good listener.<br />
<br />
God Bless and good luck.

My boyfriend was in a wreck a couple of weeks ago. His entire right side is broken, his pelvis is shattered, his lung collapsed and he was bleeding into his brain. The hardest part for me is seeing the man you love in so much pain. His main concern is getting back to work asap because he only has a short time before they'll give his job away. Naturally, he's beyond frustrated and depressed, telling me his life will never be what it once was. He's focusing on that instead of the fact he's still alive! He lived through it and will get to see our son grow up... that in itself is a gift. Its only natural to be depressed but don't focus so much on what was lost. Things may be a little more difficult. You might have to try a little harder but don't isolate yourself. Reach out to someone. They will listen. You've come to far to give in now...but remember how lucky you are to be alive. Think of it as another chance. I know it must be hard, watching someone go through it isn't easy I know, but don't let what you can't do define you. Rise above and make the most of your second chance! Best of Luck

Geez what a jerk, I could have been driving a lamborghini diablo and my first concern STILL would have been for the people around me.<br />
<br />
I'm glad you are okay now, as for the depression, I don't blame you, but don't hide it, get some help. :)

i feel for you and wish you the best. keep your head on. You were taking your dog to the vet right? was he/she ok?

dam ma'am, 10 days in a coma .... pretty serious injury, however, ive got you beat. <br />
<br />
oct 27 1997<br />
i was passenger as you.<br />
coma for 11 days as you, except i was not screaming, as i was out on site (few broke bones also)<br />
all this, an' you know the culprit? a dam tree happen'd to just out in the road .... well, it was at the end of a "T" of the road.

Oh, wow. I am truly glad that you are alright.<br />
<br />
However, for the depression, I want to say something. Something to help, but I don't know what you're going through. I have a tumor in my brain but other than that, I can't relate. Hopefully, you will find the light of life and stay strong, because there are people (such as your family and all EP members) who would be distraught should anything happen to you. Best wishes for you and your family.

Thanks....I was having a good day...I know you know what I mean. Must take advantage of those!

And PROGRESS is a process that comes ONE STEP AT A TIME.<br />
You sound like you have a very positive attitude closedin, and that will help get you far. Hugs :-)

It's been 2 1/2 years since my accident. I had a closed head injury and brain damage as a result not to mention the pain from injury to my spine. I have experienced everything you all have here. Also, I have been left with other disorders as a result, migrains, motor skills defencies, speech and cognative disablilites, complex seizure disorder. I also developed Type 2 diabeties because the brain is control center and can no longer tell my organs what to do.<br />
I will say that I have recovered some cognative abilities. My neurologist and other specialties continued to tell me that the sooner I accepted my limitations my anxiety would decrease! Well they were right! I just was not willing to accept that my life would not be the same as I Knew it. This took along time for me. It made me feel like saying you don't know me I don't give up that easily, I'm going back to work. I'm going to heal! Some things will not heal! The pain will remain but with acceptance, the right medication and treatment I will live! I just have to remember to take my time and breath! To be honest this site came to me by accident just as the car reck happened but I can truly say that sometimes this site has saved me. So what if I have to write down the steps to get on it. So what if I no longer spell correctly, so what if get off subject. So what if I have to look up meaning of words and spelling.I'm a work in progress! Progress is a beautiful word to me.

You went through so much you have already proven to be strong.The short term memory loss must be fustrating.This is not your fault what kind of cognitive therapy are you going through to get over this what medical professional is helping i would like to think you have a neuroligist in your pocket helping you recover!!!<br />
Please pretending not to be depressed is acutlly one way to recover by tricking your brain into changing its activity to positive ...but hiding is another it gives you a bad reinforcment that you have something to be ashamed of and you dont you are a survivor! you may be experiencing some post partim as well mothers can suffer for years after a baby so please talk to family and friends bless you and you are in my prayers

I am very sorry to hear about your accident, however I am extremely bothered by the fact that your accident involved no trucks yet the picture for this story is of a truck. I am a truck driver and we get enough bad press as it is. I have driven for 23 years and I have seen some crazy things happen on the road. Again, I feel for you and the situation you are in but i am very disheartened to think that a picture of a truck would be used to illistrate your story when there are no trucks involved.

14 1/2 years ago I was hit head on by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel. Both my legs were broken, my left arm was shattered, and I had slight brain trama since I went from going 55 mph to zero. I spent 3 mths. in the hospital, almost 7 years in a wheel chair, walked with a cane, and felt most of the feelings that have been mentioned.<br />
<br />
Some suggestions are to work on letting the anger go. It's ok to have it. I still hate the guy who hit me and always will. He was a low life and went so far as to blame ME for the crash and then flee the state to avoid prosecution. He's a jerk, he always will be a jerk, but my anger doesn't rule my life.<br />
<br />
Realize it's perfectly fine to be frustrated with how things are now. You went from normal to not normal in a bl<x>ink of an eye. There are things you want to do, but your body won't cooperate. That sucks and it's hard for others to understand.<br />
<br />
It's hard when people say "be thankful ..." when you are thinking "for what? some jerk screwing my life up?" but you do have to face things with a postitive attitude. I forever hear "oh, I couldn't have done what you've done" and I usually respond "how do you know?"<br />
<br />
What are your choices? Mine were "give up and die" then moved to "give up and stay in a wheel chair" .... now I am chair free, cane free, and have as normal of a life as I can. Yeah, it sucks so hard that I don't have the abilities that I used to. Big time. But I have chosen to focus on what I can do, what I got back, and the life I have made now.<br />
<br />
You can do it too! You've made it this far, time will help you cope and adapt. Stay strong!

I also sufferred a head injury, they call it the invisible disability, because on the surface you look like the person you've always been. The differences can be very subtle, but very significant, to the person sufferring through them and their loved ones.<br />
I hid my depression not just from my family and my doctors, but from myself, for over a year. I finally got to a point I couldn't keep it all in, I couldn't keep telling myself a was just a little blue. I had a baby less than 2 years after my accident too, between the crazy hormones and everything I'm surprised I made it. The best thing I did was to tell my doctor all I had been hiding, how I had been isolating myself, how miserable I was. Zoloft saved my live.<br />
Don't hold it in any longer, tell your doctor, let them help!

Oh no! I hope his new car was okay. Some people...

I was also in a serious automobile accident last August. I was only in hospital for a couple of weeks for surgery but spent the following two months in bed, then crutches. 10 months later I can limp without a stick. Like you, it has completely changed my life. The vehicle I was traveling in was driven by the CEO of the company I worked for as their IT Director. Two months after the accident I was laid off by the same company. I had built up a staff of 18, working long hours and suddenly was by myself all the time and unable to work. I've been trying to go back to work with mixed results as my concentration lapses and I sometimes have problems focusing on a specific sequence of actions needed to complete a task. The feelings of helplessness can be overwhelming. It feels as if one had woken up with brain damage. But just as I left the crutches behind once my legs were strong enough, I know my powers of concentration will return, with training and exercise. <br />
<br />
What else is there?<br />
Complete despair? Yes, that's always waiting around the corner---but I can embrace that anytime. Nothing changes in despair. Only actively trying to engage and change circumstance will get me through this statis. And if I'm too tired, I lie down and rest and when I'm hungry, I eat. We are not superhumans. There is no better, flawless version of you: there's just this, the materials you work with. <br />
<br />
I still have deep lasting dark moods and I let them pass without resistance. I also have brighter moments as the seasons change. But getting better is now my main work, everything else will have to wait until I am strong enough to deal with it.