Last Christmas Eve

My husband I were t-boned by a guy without a license. I suffered a neck injury and still have pain from it.
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I was t-boned on the freeway while traveling about 75 mph resulting in two breaks in my neck due to my car bouncing 3 times, each time landing on my corner of the roof. C-1 was split in two and C-5/C-6 were totally seperated. Doc said that I should be dead from either injury or at least paralized from the neck down resulting in suffication and death. C-1 could not be repaired without killing me but the C-5/C-6 damage was wired and plastered back together. I too have non<x>stop neck pain from the back of my head to my right hand fingertips. I just have to live with it and not let it interfere with my family and friends relationships. For the pain, when it escalates, I use a mild pain medication to bring it down a bit.<br />
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All you can hope to do is take the guy to court and sue, doubting that he has anything since he doesn't have a license, or use your uninsured motorist policy and use the money in your future pain relief treatment or medication, if you haven't already. Also use an attorney. He will ask for the maximum amount on your policy, if they deny your claim, the maximum is then released and you are open to sue for any amount with no ceiling. Been there, done that.<br />
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My best wishes for you and your coping with the pain.

Yikes! and this year you had a cold all leading up to Christmas! Just doesn't seem to be your holiday!