Beyond Traffik-- why and how all of us in the US can move Beyond Traffik.

I wrote and just released a book called Beyond Traffik. As the title implies-- it's about traffic and a plan to move beyond the current personal transportation model. If you love traffic well then, this book just isn't for you. Otherwise, you should learn some things, be shocked (figuratively), be entertained and hopefully challenge yourself to put the ideas and products in the book to the test. From Human Powered Transports, to Sleek Motor Vehicles to Personal Air Vehicles.

Beyond Traffik questions why the horseless carriage can kill more CHILDREN and people than anything ever created (besides weapons)-- 40,000 directly per year and another 200,000 indirectly per year and no one says spit. The book also covers the "Injury Pyramid" that states there are 13 people injured bad enough for hospitalization for every death. Mention Flying Cars and-- OH NO, people will die, we'll have those in the future. The Future is NOW. The ebook version is available in the Kindle Store at as well as the Nook Book section at

I also share my own injuries sustained from the multiple times I've been hit by distracted drivers while on my bicycle in the Human Powered Transport section.

David N. Johnson
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Welcome to EP and thank you for writing your first story!
I'm a fan of Human Powered Transports, I walk a lot :)