My Accident Was Not the Worst One

Okay, so my dad and I were in a swamp, and i told him to hit a puddle because we were messing around in my 1995 pathfinder, well that puddle was a deep hole, and we ended up rolling the pahfinder onto its side, we had to go get my friend and they had to pull the pathfinder out of the swamp, on the way back home the pathfinder stalls out on the highway, and the car stops just above the entrance to our allotment, luckily for us my friend was only half the way down the road and was able to help us get back home. there has been many other accidents with this, but this is the one i felt i should share. we sold the car to a family friend and it just died with over 300,000 on the odemeter! rust everywhere. always trust those nissans

phonesrcool08 phonesrcool08
22-25, M
Mar 8, 2009