Close To Punching. Then Just Plain Annoying.

she was a American music Teacher.  (nothing against America, but it has something to do with the insult.) and she ALWAYS went on about how better America was to England (again not saying my opinion but at the end of day, Why was she saying it was sooo much better yet she decided to come to England?)

Then she tried to make us dance and sing a really childish song.. No one was that into it, she gave us a half and hour long speech on how English kids are boring, afraid to try anything and dull in creativity. (So not true) and THEN she insulted me by calling me babyish because I watched 'Peter and the wolf' where in the end the wolf lives. by saying "that's the babies ending." I replied "well, their not going show a wolf getting its brains splattered out on Christmas eve are they?"

the last time me and her crossed paths was when it was the Christmas concert, she sent me out for not smiling.. then my friend out for smiling?! WTF?

she turned to my friend. "You should take this seriously!"

to me. "SMILE! its meant to be happy."


I started a argument with her. then said can i go to the bathroom.. after a lecture. I did. and punched the wall repeatedly.


The other ones basically just insulted me all the time. and some still do.. But i Argue back.. so they try it less and less now=D

EffyGothika EffyGothika
18-21, F
Mar 8, 2010