The Ugly Girl

I remember when I was 11 there was this girl who always could do everything she wanted in class, then I asked why I couldn't do that and he said because you're ugly and the class started laughing. I've no idea if it was a joke. And then another teacher had a name for me, ''fatbag''. It kinda hurt me a lot, it certainly isn't helping my self esteem or my ED. 

I just really hate some teachers!

Yapiej Yapiej
22-25, F
2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

When your teacher called you "ugly" I don't think it's a joke, he's judging you by your appearance and I mean WTf why would he judge you by ur natural appearance?!?!?! And another teacher called you a "fatbag", again this teacher is judging you by your appearance.. What kind of teacher would do this type of thing? What kind of support don't they get? THEY ARE MEANT to support, not JUDGE you by your appearance and give you a harsh nickname !

I once had a chair pulled out from under my bottom in kindergarden by another student. EVERYONE LAUGHED AT ME!!! <:'(