Many Times

Growing up, I was the shy, weird kid in the back row who had mathematical learning disabilities. I kept to myself and only spoke when spoken to. Back then, no one in my tiny town knew about learning disabilities yet, so I was just looked at as stupid or slow. The kids teased me endlessly and the teachers did little to help. They would belittle me in front of the entire class for still not understanding the concept of what they were trying to teach me.

School in general was a pretty traumatic experience for me.

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They did that to me, and they new I had a LD... they never told me nothing like it was not any of my bisness.

^ What a sweet thing to say! Thank you!

Hi Alana8480<br />
Seems the kids were being taught something by the teacher around what happens to people who do not fit in. School should be a celebration and exploration of individuality. Something is wrong and it isn't you. Good you survived it!<br />