Last Year

I was out with a friend her baby and Lexy .I had no clue  she was into drugs. A cop came  up  and said someone reported seeing her put drugs in her diaper bag and the needed to  checkl well she handed them one  and they  said ok there was only baby stuff and then he turns to me and says  he hasnt seen me around  here and needed to check mine I handed it to him and what do you know my friend wasnt a very good friend after all she switched bags on me and  got me busted I dont now nor have I ever put drugs in my babys diaper bag well to say the least she let me spend 3 months in juvie  before confessing that I was the wrong one in there.By the time I got a foster home and they gave my daughter back she was terrified for me to leave her sight to this day she is terrified for me to go to work or to the store without takeing her to.That was my first  run in with police and will be my last.

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1 Response Aug 5, 2009

We are no longer friends and sometimes things dont work out as you would like them to have worked out doesnt really mean he didnt try to help just means he was crappy at helping wasnt all that friendly either I just let it be in the past I had forgot about doing this story until I saw the comments