In Front of My Abusive Father

I just read a story by an EP friend of mine. About seein a therapist with her dad present.. where she will be asked to talk about "how she feels" about him and how he treats her.

It reminded me of the time I was made to see a social worker and at the interview I was asked by the social services worker whether my father abused me, in front of my father. I couldn't say anything against him for fear of making it worse for myself and for my mum and brother.. When I said "no" my father even offered to leave the room and let me talk to the social worker alone if I wanted to, just to try to look like he was being really open and honest and all that.. How could I possibly say I wanted him to leave the room? I said that I didn't need to talk with the social worker alone because there was nothing to tell. What the hell else could I say? The stupid social worker thought that was fine though, he seemed quite satisfied that I couldn't be being abused because he'd asked me and I'd told him no. So nothing happened, we went home and it all carried-on like before.

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Aww.. must have been a hell of a time.. im sorry for you, man :((

I agree, it was wrong, and the whole thing was pointless, except to reinforce the idea in my mind that I could never say anything againt him.<br />
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Oh, but there's another story to come, about the interview on my own. I think it happened later. I don't really remember.<br />
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Thanks for your comment, music. :)

That's pretty dispicable...<br />
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Or plain idiotic at least. No, both.<br />
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Anyone would be able to see that that's the worst thing you could possibly do if you want to actually help. In front of your dad? Seriously...what the heck was he on?<br />
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"Typical, if you ask me." - I hope not :(

Who's that then?

Thanks squigzy, my thoughts exactly.

Are you in UK?

they ARE suposed to be interviewed alone by theripist social worker cop whoever <br />
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the only time perrents are required to be present is if the child is under age and questioned by police regrding their involvement in possible crime

Umm, I'm no social worker, but I would have taken it for granted that children would be interviewed alone. Lol, I guess not.