A Person Of Interest

Was involved in a murder investigation as a person of interest in a foreign country where I did not even know the event, what happened who was killed or whatever - and had my passport flagged when I returned to the country several times over and had the police come to my in-laws and interview me with the murder weapons, samples of clothing from the victims, pictures of the family that was slain, and other details all because I was:

In the same county at the time of the murder

was an alien/foreigner in another country

and didn't know any better.

I refused to give a blood sample knowing full well that the powers of the police of that country could also try me and sentence me and/or switch the original blood sample from the murder with my own in the event that someone in the investigation was corrupt

had counsel here in my country advice me not to submit my blood

So, I guess that counts as being interviewed, right?
DeepForest DeepForest
Jul 26, 2010