My First Fight.

It is not that big of a story.

When we first moved down here, my sister and I did not know english very well.  The first day of school We were both so scared, but me being the older sister I could not show her i was scared.  Since it was the first day of school for us my mother wanted us to look nice, my sister wore a new dress....and I would not wear a dress so I got a new out fit.  The day went by really slow, and finaly it was time to get on the bus and go home.  As soon as I saw my sister on the bus I sat right beside her.  There was this really smelly boy who sat behind us on the bus and he would not shut up.  He went under the seat and looked up my sisters dress.  I tried to tell the bus driver two times but she just told me to sit down and  quite.  I told him the best I could if he did it again when I get off the buss I was going to beat him up....he did not belive me, he did it again.  when he stood up to get off so did I.  I followed him off the bus dragging my little sister behind me.  As soon as we steeped of the bus Bam my new books Went across the back of his head.  The bus ddriver tried to get me off of him but never really got off the bus to do so.  By the time I was done, He had a broken nose two black eyes and was missing a tooth.  To this day he does not look me in the eye when he sees me.

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I remember, you had to retell me that story, but I still remember it and it was funny. hehe.