He kept on telling me he was not married. But I was aware he had four kids. He stated he & his kids mother are not together. I went to his house once. We dated for two yrs. During that period I got pregnant. He was always around taking me to school helping out etc. We spend allot of time together. When I got pregnant he disappeared he would show up once in a while. I had the baby HE was not there. He came to see the baby FOUR days later. & one day I got a call from his kids mother stating that's her husband & SHE pregnant. I said I dont give a ****!! I just had his baby. So we got into it. But b4 all this she used to call & say leave him alone. But he would say they not TOGETHER do I see a ring on his finger. Which I didn't see a ring SO after I told her I had a baby for him he automatically stop helping me OUT with his child. He told me off I would of kept my mouth shut HE would of gave me the world. So I left him. By that time I was pregnant again. I NEVER looked back I been taking care of the children. & now all he can say he gonna make things right this time. He wants to be apart of the kids life it's my fault he was AWAY I kept AWAY. He know where I live. His excuse is he KNO@ the time I was upset of what took place. He miss me he still inlove with me etc. It's four yrs since I left. Yes I'm hurt. But I don't deserve this all he did was lie to get me & trap me with two kids.now he begging HE wants me back. I put him on child support . It's like he want both of us. Knowing DAME well I moved on & had another child with someone else he is hurting because he thought I would of waited for him. The child I have now supposed to be his. He can't believe I have another child boo hoo. He won't leave me alone. He had the nerve To say it was just me & his wife. Smh man.
velj velj
31-35, F
Aug 24, 2014