You Better Believe I Was

this was, by far, the worst case of jealousy i've experienced since high school. i can't explain it and i won't try.  i was overcome with emotions so powerful i didn't know what to do with them.  i succeeded in alienating everyone around me (most importantly, him) and portraying myself as an immature, little brat.  well, that's what i felt like.  i felt reduced to this school-girl with no control over her emotions whatsoever--totally lacking in rhyme or reason.  i am not proud of it, but i simply couldn't help myself.  i have been in a territorial mood for several days, and just denied it.  but today, i had a terrible feeling that the man i loved was being taken away from me and i couldnt stand it.  and of course, the fact that i have severe PMS doesn't help in the least. 


trixi trixi
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3 Responses Mar 24, 2008

No, that assumption is not correct, the way the other end is turning is actually inviting in their own twisted way. I just never went and never will.

no, he never stopped telling me, but yes, i did see him go in the other direction for a bit and he might have kept going if not for the way things turned out on the other end. correct?

How could you be sure that the man you love(d) was taken away from you? Did he ever stop telling you he loved you? Have you seen him run away from you?