I was best friends with a guy I liked. I had to move away and I was so sad! It'd been more than a year and we still text almost everyday. I made a new "best friend" this one a female, and she wanted to text someone in my address book. It had to be him. She made him send a picture, then sent one of her. He called her hot and all of a sudden they're dating! I was SO jealous and I could hardly talk to either of them until they broke up a month later. After that I told him I had always liked him. My friend was felt really bad and I only told her "it's OK" about half as much as I should have. WOW, this sounds so pathetically immature now!!! Oh well, it's what happened.
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too cute

and very normal, cut yourself some slack. Most girls your age and older wouldn't have been so accommodating and mature as you did. Well done and it paid off cause they broke up …..good for you!