Rope Tying To A Tree?

Me and my only friend, bestfriend, Harrison and I did everything together. This one paticular day, we were just walking around and a girl whom we both dont like cause she tried ruining our friendship, says to Harrison " Come over here " and she grabs his hand and runs away with him, to the wood's. I chased behind them cause well, I was wondering what was going on and when I get there she keep's kissing him and he is pushing her off but she keeps doing it and gets a rubber band and ties his hand's together, what the hell? But anyhoo, after a while he cant do anything back cause she has tied around some tree so there they are just making out. I went over to her and before she could ask what I was doing there I smacked her across the face, leaving her on the ground, she tried fighting back but I dragged her by the hair and she kept kicking my in the butt and biting me but as I dragged her I dragged her into a lake (:. I then untied Harrison and he gave me a hug and said " Princess, I want to die, that was horrible " so I say " It's okay " and I hug him back and then he lifts my face up and say's " One day we will run away together and live in a gorgeous place, just us 2 " and gives me a kiss with his red soft lip's. Oh, and then he bring's me to his house and clean's up some of the blood and bite mark's and again gives me a kiss.
Lostgirlinbigworld Lostgirlinbigworld
13-15, F
Sep 16, 2012