Kinda Long, But Hey Im Detailed!

Me and my only friend, bestfriend, Harrison, do everything together! So we went to this camp thing. When we were both 8 we made a list of things to do together before we turned 18. We wrote down 2, 937 thing's down. Ofcourse, we added more thing's as we got older, hence to why it is 2, 937. So number 1, 129 was go to camp together. When we got to the camp, it's like we were famous or something. All the girl's surronded him and flirting with him, which got me angry, but I didn't let it show. Then all the boy's were being creepy all flirting with me and complimenting me and helping me with bag's. One even tried putting his arm's around me so I smacked him. We were supposed to sleep in girl's only cabin and boy's only cabin. Whenever we would sleep over eachother's house or anything like that we slept together, so this was hard. So as we departed way's, some girl's told me where the thing's were and stuff like that. When I got to my cabin, there was a girl in there already. When she saw me, she looked at me, as if judging in her mind, then smiled, and walked towrd's me. She told me where I was gonna sleep and then started a conversation with me. Then Harrison walk's in. Even though I haven't seen him in about 30 minute's, I run to him and jump into his arm's and he says " Blair-Zair, I can't breathe " so I let go and grab onto his hand and drag him to where me and the girl were. Oh, her name is Ell, for future reference. I forgot she was there, until she said " Are you guy's a couple? " us both saying " No, no, no were just bestfriend's. " then we looked at eachother in shock cause we both said the same exact thing, which was creepy! But then she said " Oh. " So she left. I hugged him again, and this time, he gave me a kiss on my nose. We made a plan to sleep together, in a tent outside. We could do that on the camping ground's. So we did. I didn't unpack for that reason. So then we had to get his stuff, in the boy's cabin. As I walked in with Harrison, every guy whisteled. Some asked, " Harrison, introduce us " there was this one guy, who was gonna touch my butt, so I kicked him in the ding-a-ling area. All the guy's started laughing, as did I, but I helped him up, and felt bad so I gave him a kiss on the cheek with an apology him replying quickly " Oh, no thank you. " with a smile. So then I left, and a while later Harrison came out. So we went outside, and realised other tent's, so we moved away from them, but not too much. So when we finiished the tent, we got our stuff ready inside and someone came in. They were looking at our tent with amazment. Our tent wasn't the small one's, but the deluxe tent. The person asked us about it and we answered, then left. We decided to take a nap. I put my head on his chest and he played with hair and we nodded off. We woke up the next morning and it was 7:06. We werent morning people, but we did sleep about 16 hours. We got our clothe's and changed. When I was in the bathroom, I heard girls taalking about Harrison. How he was " So hot! " " Gorgeous, my future husband " I got heated up, but kept changing. When I was done, I saw one of the girl's that was changing, talking about Harrison, and she said " Wait, aren't you and Harrison friends? " me replying " yes. " coldy, she saying quickly " Oh, okay, I wanna get to know him, what should I do? ", I wanted to go off on her, but then I remembered we are just friend's, so I said " Dont be a girl who's afraid to play sport's and don't say you don't like the outdoor's. " She said " Thank's, and your really pretty, not to come off as gay but are you a model or something, I would love to look like you! " so I said " No, used to be, but as well are you! Thankyou :) " she was pretty nice after all, her name was Gloss, again, for future reference. As I was coming out of the changing cabin, someone bumped into me, very hard. I was gonna turn around and say " Hey yeah, you can say exscuse me or atleast watch where your going! " I turned around and saw it was Harrison, who did that on purpose knowing I would get annoyed. So he said " Princess I'm sorry " he started laughing so I gave him a playful punch and got on his back and we went to the Food Hall. When we got there, we realized people were staring at us, so we just sat down alone at a table together. Ell then came and asked to sit with us, us saying yes. She was a very nice person, I liked her a lot, she was helpful as well. Then we got called up to get breakfast, I got chocolate chip pancake's with bacon and a glass of milk, Harrison, got Chocolate chip waffle's, with bacon and a glass of milk. Ell then looked at us, with amazement, and said " Do you both practice that? " Harrison saying " No, we just like the same food " , so we sat down. We had a nice conversation, and she told us what there was to do around here, and then when she was done, she said " If anything, just come to me! " so she left. Me and Harrison love playing sports, so that's the first thing we went to go do, we went to play somce soccer. There were only mostly boy's, but I still played. Then I saw a girl who came walking down, I didnt know as to it was Ell or Gloss, they looked alike, then realized they were twin's, and it was Ell, she came up to me and Harrison and pulled me aside and told me " Blair, listen, I have a sister named Gloss " me interuppting her saying " yeah we met " her nodding her head and kept going on " She like's Harrison, as in likes him, and will do anything in her power to get him " glancing at him " so watch out " she then left again, not hearing my response, so I went back to Harrison and ofcourse he asked what happened and I said, " nothing, just about what is for lunch " so he shook his head and we kept playing on the game. By the way, our team got 11, the other got 8 :)! Anyhoo, we then went back to our cabin and changed into tennis clothes, it was only 10, 2 hours until lunch, and played some one on one, until I saw Gloss, man her and Ell are way too identical! Thank god Ell has bigger, brighter eyes, unlike Gloss, but yeah, Gloss came, dressed in a ridiculous outfit, shorter then booty shorts, and a sphagetti tank top, and walked over to Harrison, she was very pretty, had this very nice reddish brown hair and big hazel eyes, when she walked towards Harrison, the guy only being a 13 year old boy with crazy hormones, ofcourse he stared at her. As she was touching his hair, kissing his cheek, instead of throwing a tennis racket and tennis ball at her, I walked away, trying to not let it get to me. So as I am walking I keep turning around, then start running, I hear Harrison calling out my name but I dont care, I need to be alone right now and channel out and let my emotions show, so instead of going to our tent, I go to the lake, well a tree near the lake and climb it, all the way up, there I let out all my emotions, until I heard people walking by the tree so I stopped, I stayed there until the sun started going down so I went to our tent, onlly to find Harrison not in there, but I got my pajamas and showered and changed and went back, still no Harrison, so as I realized I skipped lunch and didn't want dinner, I decided to sleep. Yeah more like stare at the ceiling of our tent for a few hours, then after 4 hours of listening to Ed Sheeran, Adele, One Direction ( moments, more than this, ect. ) and and Paramore, all very sad songs, I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up to find Harrison sitting in one corner of the tent, the one facing me, and just staring at me. I onlyy half opened one eye, so he couldnt tell I was awake, and then turned around and for some reason, all the emotions of yesterday came back inside and I started crying, Harrison still thinking im asleep, laid down next to me and put his arm's around me and kissed my hair and cheek. After a while, I had to wake up, well to him, so I pretended to wake up and gave him a hug, and said " Last night, you had me worried, were you with Gloss? " then slightly walking around our cabin and him saying " No, when you ran away, I went to go and find you, but couldnt, but I did hear someone crying in a tree " and he gave me a smirk and then added " That gloss girl is kinda whorey ... " so I said, " yeah, yesterday I could tell, but if you like her, I mean letting her stand there doing those things to you, why dont you spend time with her ........ " so he looked at me weirdly and said " Blair-Zair, I am 13, any guy would, but no I have you, my princess " he then got red and said " why dont we get changed? " and got his stuff and left, when he left I got all fluttery inside, and couldnt stop smiling, so I got my stuff and changed, and saw Gloss, oh yay! I went up to her and said " Acting like a s k a n k won't really do good for yourself " her then saying " Blair, its me, Ell " so I laughed and said " my bad, that was for your sister " she said " Actually, I saw what happened, told you she was like that " so then I said " well, when I see her, I am telling her this! " before I finished the sentence, Ell, already left, creepy girl, that one. Anyhoo, I finished changing and saw Gloss, outside my tent, apparently waiting for Harrison, who was halfway to the tent, so I made a plan in my head, to make her leave, I threw a rock near her, should have hit her but no and ran to Harrison, literally dropping my things on the ground and him dropping his things on the ground and I jump into his arm's and give him a kiss on the cheek, he twirls me around and says " its only been 30 minutes you know " so I then get off to see Gloss right behind me, perfect timing, but before I could say anything, she starts walking toward's Harrison and gives him a note saying " when you get over that pretty little w h o r e, come over to my cabin ;) " then she runs away and I staredown Harrison who is looking at the note, then looks at me and says " You know I would never go there, now let's go eat! " and crumples the note up and throws it out, by throwing it into a trash can about 5 feet away, he got it in ofcourse, then as we are walking into the breakfast hall, I see Gloss staring me down, so I kind of have a Camp Rock moment and go up to her and say " Calling me a w h o r e, is patthetic and low, even from a s k a n k like yourself, Harrison is mine, " I then go over to him and grab his hand, interlocked and keep going on " not yours, he doesnt like people like you, please stop wearing those trashy clothes, and sending notes like that? Suprised you didnt put how much it cost! " then I walk away, there was practically no one there, its around 8:30 am, but I dont care, I then see Ell going to Gloss and laughing in her face and coming over to me and saying " Your the best! " and walking away, again, strange girl .... Then as me and Harrison get our food, eat our food and leave, he take both my hand's, looks me in the eyes, as if into my soul and yells out the lyrics to the song Al Green's Let's stay together and when he finishes singing it to me, he leans in and whispers " I'm sooo in love with you my princess Blair " and leans in and gives me a kiss, such a sweet yet passionate kiss. OH, and ofcourse being my bestfriend, we did that all around Gloss!
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Sep 27, 2012