Well let me tell you after being in pain since I was 16 at 24 I'm glad to know it has a name that isn't cancer... There are days of depression.. That's the lupus, the days of fighting chills and blue toes yayy lupus too and the days where I cry to even lay still... (Lymes too so pain is immense on my joints) Ohh Lupus what fun your putting my body through....Luckily my joints (swelling stiff unbearably sore) blood flow and teeth are the only main affected part so far physically, but mentally I feel pretty lost with my diagnosis... When I look up the disease I can't seem to put a finger on my cause thyroid, stress, malnutrition, and I hate Internet researching cause everything makes it seem like your going to die!! Anyone wanna share their symptoms?
wildhorsefeathers wildhorsefeathers
26-30, F
Jan 14, 2014